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Gretchen Ange

Vice President at Santa Fe Management, Inc. / Associate Director AFTCA Inc.

Gretchen is responsible for all kind of financial operations, administrative responsibilities, managing office and managing multiple commercial properties with specialities as:

  • Company creation
  • Company ownership
  • Flight Operating Companies
  • Company administration
  • Company Associate Management
  • Financial planning and Credit Management
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Land Development
Arizona State University
Bachelor of Science 

Willem C.J.M. van Genk

President at AviaTraining.Net, Vice President at Spike Technology Europe, Chief Pilot – Flight Instructor and Crew Resource Management Instructor at AviaTraining.Net. Program and financial organization advisor for administrative software development at Spike Technics. / Associate Director AFTCA Inc.

Willem is responsible for all kind of operations, administrative responsibilities, managing multiple flight operation companies with specialities as:

  • Flight Operation Company creation
  • Flight Operating Companies Organization
  • Company administration
  • Company Associate Management
  • Financial planning and Credit Management

Other experiences
Willem started his career as electronic engineer and was one of the co-inventors and developers of “teletext” for PAL television in 1970. Willem has a lot of experience in television, video, and television camera repair. He started his flying career in 1974 and has a Belgian commercial Instrument pilot license and a FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate ASEL-AMEL & Flight Instructor certificate, with several ratings. In 1980 Willem started software development for financial, storage and logistical systems where he could use his bookkeeping, economical and financial education for the software development. In 1996 Willem started with instrument flight training. When his son continued his software company. Willem became flight instructor at Flight Safety Int. & AviaTraining.Net to pass his time and to share is experience.

Electronics, Metals , Economic & Administrative education, Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Instructor, CRM Instructor, Software development

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, & knowledge of Spanish & Catalan.
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